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"This product is excellent for quickly calming my skin! It relieved the irritation from ingrown hairs in just one application. I love how it hydrates my skin and leaves a beautiful, healthy glow. I am an esthetician so I've also been using it on my clients after hair removal, with great results."
Donna L.
Glendora, CA
"I love how smooth my skin felt after using this soothing spray.  And it didn't feel greasy or sticky at all like some skin calming products do."
Donna T.
Silver Spring, MD
"Every time I shave my legs my skin becomes extremely dry and itchy.  Nothing seemed to provide relief until I tried the Razor Burn Freedom for Women.  Now my legs feel really soft and smooth and they don't itch at all."
Jamie G.
Fontana, CA
"I have stubborn razor bumps that make me feel self-conscious.  Razor Burn Freedom helped calm them down and made them less noticeable right away.  I love the way it makes my skin look so radiant!"
Maria B.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
"I thought that the quick absorbency was great, as well as the immediate softening and smoothing of my skin"
Therese F.
Jupiter, FL
"For the past 5 years I have dreaded shaving as my skin becomes more sensitive, dry, and at times even painful after shaving.  This product has helped with the burn and irritation and continues to make my legs look and feel better the more I use it."
Joanne H.
Los Angeles, CA
"Just 10 minutes after I applied it, I could see and feel my skin was less irritated. Great for moisturizing too!  "
Shelby S.
Norco, CA
"It definitely calms down burning, irritation, and itching right away.  I love this product!"
Myrna F.
Alhambra, CA
"I can't believe that after using this Razor Burn Freedom just one time after shaving I got relief from itching and burning.  Plus I didn't notice razor bumps the way I usually do.  I did notice a nice glow though."
Sharline D.
Alta Loma, CA
"My skin felt so smooth and hydrated.  I'll definitely keep using this every time after I shave my legs."
Cynthia V.Z.
Anaheim, CA
"I don't really experience a lot of irritation but just a spray of this product (or a finger dab on my face) made my skin feel so comfortable and soothed. I'm going to use it just for the hydration and beautiful glow!"
Mary M.
Los Angeles, CA
"This product is amazing! I have never seen anything like it in my 30+ years in the beauty industry"
Jazz Moreno / Owner
JAZZ-Z Beauty Products


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