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"I was starting to look old and tired w lines and wrinkles developing. I have used 2 bottles and I am hooked. I looked like I am 10 years younger!!!! Now I am not so worried about looking older with such young children. Lots of women are starting to have children later in life. This product is for you."
Evie T.
Birmingham, AL
"I've had many skin challenges from acne to eczema to rashes and pigmentation issues. I've tried just about everything from supplements to laser treatments and prescription ointments to over-the-counter creams. I've spent a lifetime looking for anything to improve my skin condition, researching and trying every new thing that came along.

For my face and hands, I found that a combination of 3 products containing liquid Vitamin C, a brightening agent and Retin-A worked best to eliminate fine lines and brown spots. Then I came upon Rejuven-A. It seems to do what the other 3 prescription products were doing, only in 1 affordable product instead of 3 expensive ones. The best part is that Rejuven-A is not as harsh and has moisturizing properties I was not getting, yet it does not make my skin greasy. I've been very happy with it. I am sharing it with friends and sisters."
Rio P.
Los Angeles, CA
"The marionette lines, wrinkles above my lips and deep lines on the sides of my face were really improved."
Jeanette B.
Phoenix, AZ
"I loved the smooth texture, the ability to work in such a minimal time. Amazing!"
Annie D.
Glendora, CA
"I was using Olay Regenerist, but have now switched to Rejuven-A. My face feels and looks better than ever. My friends and family all asked what I have been using."
Lina D.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
"I love this new product!! It helps correct fine lines and sun marks and makes my skin look firmer and feel so soft. Itís nice and light so it's easy to apply sunscreen over it."
Marnie W.
Laguna, CA
"My skin reflected such a beautiful glow with Rejuven-A, even after makeup application."
Anne M.
New York, NY
"Rejuven-A gave my skin a wonderful feeling of night into day hydration and evened out my skin tone. I love everything about it!"
Lynette E.
Marshfield, WI
"People were asking if I was pregnant because my skin had such a radiant glow."
Dolores R.
Pomona, CA
"I am 60 years old and have been using Rejuven-A since mid January 2012.After 5-6 weeks I started to notice my face was tighter and my saglines that fall from my nostrils to the end of my lips were looking tighter and better matched my face. I LOVE Rejuven-A !! I live in Wasilla, Alaska and our winters are dry and hard on all skin types, thank God and Swedish Skin Care for my healthier looking skin."
Wasilla, Alaska


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