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"I must tell you, I am very impressed with what Prosanol has done for my skin. My hands, where I have been applying Prosanol once daily over the last 2-3 weeks, have never looked better. Not only has it healed chronically chapped spots on my knuckles and between my fingers, but it has also dramatically reduced the several sun spots (or are they age spots?) on the back of my hands. This is most impressive. The only other product that I found to be successful at reducing sun spots/age spots had hydroquinone as the active ingredient and the FDA has pulled it from the cosmetic market. I am officially a “believer” in Prosanol!"
Bob Scott
Business Development, Rosedale Therapeutics
Bristol, TN
"I just wanted to thank you so much for your Prosanol. My knuckles have been chapped for years and I have nothing that works as well as Prosanol. I will recommend this product to my patients from now on!"
Dr. W.G. Markham, D.C.
"I used Prosanol for six weeks on my left hand for irritated skin and it looked much better than my right hand, which I had not treated for six weeks. Since then, I have used it on both hands and my hands are no longer dry and do not have irritated spots. I am happy to endorse Prosanol."
Neil E. Doherty III, M.D., F.A.C.C.
"In May 1998 I suffered a burn injury due to a car fire which left me with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree burns. During my recovery I had surgeries, strokes, heart attacks, infections and emotional issues. In 2001 I founded Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding lives of burn victims. I tried Prosanol because I was suffering from dry and itchy skin, even years after my injury. It has helped me and other burn survivors alleviate these symptoms, and I have found that Prosanol has worked better and lasted longer than any other over the counter products I have used. Because of the positive experiences I have had with Prosanol, I am happy to recommend this product to other burn survivors and anyone who suffers from dry and/or itchy skin."
Michael Appleman, CEO
Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.,
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
“I have been using the product Prosanol for a short while and it has worked better than any other product I have tried.”

Frank P.
San Dimas, CA
"I am writing to notify you that I just love Prosanol. I have been using Prosanol for approximately 2 ½ years now and I just love how it hydrates my skin. I would recommend this product to many others. Thank you for your excellence."
Dawn H., RN
Glendora, CA
"Your Swedish Skin Care moisturizer Prosanol is one of the best products I have ever used to prevent that awful cracked look you get on your heels through the dry summers and cold winters here in New York. The use of this moisturizer helps maintain the balance of care I need on a daily basis."

Kathy P.
Elmsford, NY
"I am tremendously pleased with this product and would highly endorse it."
Jeff A., PhD
"I would recommend Prosanol to anyone who suffers with dry, flaky skin. Occasionally a place seems to be breaking out, I spray it with Prosanol, and it will stop the itching and flaking and leaves the skin smooth."
E.H. Oklahoma
"I have been using Prosanol from Swedish Skin Care for dry, chapped and itching skin on my hands and elbow areas and it has worked great."
James G.
Ventura, CA
"For years I have been fighting a condition on my hands that had left them red, cracked and swollen. The condition at times would leave my hands very sensitive to the touch to the point of pain with even the slightest movement. A few months ago I was introduced to your product Prosanol which I tried and found great results. The condition on my hands is no longer a problem. Within days of using your product I saw results. Since then the product cleared my hands and I have not had a flare up again."
Norma S.
Ontario, CA


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